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Graffiti Protection Systems

Whether it is brick, concrete, masonry, paint or render we can install a system that will help preserve the existing appearance even after repeated graffiti attack.

Sacrificial Coating Protection

Surfaces are treated with a chemical hardener which changes the substrate into a denser medium. We then apply a two coat wax-based system which is almost invisible to the eye. It provides protection by making it extremely difficult to write on the wall with most types of marker pen.

If sprayed with aerosol paint, we steam the wax and graffiti off together and then re-apply the coating, leaving no trace whatsoever. It is very economical to apply and it is also environmentally safe to use.

Non-Sacrificial Protection

Masonry, paint, render and concrete can be treated with a non-sacrificial coating. Our systems can be cleaned many times without leaving a shadow, making them ideal for places where repeated attack is a certainty.

We can apply systems to painted surfaces that have matt or gloss finishes. For concrete and masonry surfaces we can apply coatings that do not alter the appearance of the substrate whatsoever, a beneficial feature for precast concrete and feature stone finishes.

Our systems will last for up to five years and in many cases a lot longer, a small price to pay for a peace of mind.

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